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Making Love with the Universe

Evaldas Amiya Kerala violet

A woman’s body is an ever changing map of hundreds of thousands of pleasures. Her sexual potency is uncovered by opening up not only the sensitivity of her private parts but that of her entire body, of hundreds of pleasure spots, by developing and expanding the spectrum of sensations. If all five channels of senses open up when making love, […]

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Tips for Your Blissful Holidays!

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Could you imagine that euphoria, ecstasy, pleasures and energy dwell not in the outer world but within you, your body and consciousness? You are a living and walking oasis of delight. The entire palette of joy, emotional, bodily and spiritual satisfaction is inherently given to you. The Paradise of enjoyment is encrypted in your body. You are meant to experience […]

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Your Body is Genius!


My body is my most precious possession on this Earth. It is the home of my soul. Without it, I would not be able to exist on this planet. The entire life, all possible human experiences are lived through namely in the body. It is the carrier of all possible pleasures. Thanks to my body, I can savour the taste […]

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Jens Gad: “I want to announce the WORLD PREMIERE!”

3. J.Gad feat Amiya photo

Amiya Inspiration friend and one of  Enigma’s producer Jens Gad says: I want to announce the WORLD PREMIERE of my most important project this year, AMIYA INSPIRATION. We have written / recorded 12 beautiful songs in February on Catalina Island, California. Lyrics from enchanted Tantra teacher Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita and Amiya’s bestseller book „The genius of a woman“ about […]

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Music of Happiness


Amiya, Jens Gad (one of producers of legendary group Enigma), and Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita (author of lyrics, Tantra teacher) created 12 songs of happiness. Different aspects of happiness that each human being can experience in one’s life are expressed in the music: happiness in relationship, happiness in sexual life, happiness in work, in creativity, happiness to be a woman, […]

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Magic Story Begins

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Amiya Inspiration is a happy people project. It is a phenomenon which creates a positive world, revealing the genius of women and men. Amiya Inspiration uncovers the essential parts of human life: harmonious relationships, personal growth, sacred feminine, blissful sexuality, successful and creative life. Be inspired by: Music & Live Shows Visual Arts Web & Live Seminars Social Actions Books […]

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