Magical Experiential Live Show Tour THE GODDESS

Goddess foto

MAGICAL MULTIDIMENSIONAL EXPERIENTIAL SHOW “THE GODDESS” IN THE BALTIC STATES FOR THE FIRST TIME! Riga 05.03.16, Vilnius 09.03.16 For the first time in the Baltic’s – a fairy tale for every woman! Do you know how to love yourself, your close ones, the human race, and the whole world? “The Goddess” is a touching story of a woman that has […]

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Amiya – the Muse, the Musician, the Teacher, the Goddess


The Muse Let us introduce you the founder, the leader, the muse of Amiya Inspiration project – Andre Amiya Pabarciute. Together with the team of dedicated professionals: producers, designers, organizers, programmers, and communication specialists, she creates the visionary and music for the project and leads its main mission “The Goddess”. World changing mission: through music & live shows, visual arts, […]

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Join World Changing Mission “The Goddess”

IGG Goddess

Mission “The Goddess” is dedicated to you as a woman, or to you as a man, who believes that the world is in need of more harmony, beauty and light, which would be home to you and your family and children! It is everybody’s active participation that changes the world: yours, mine, ours. Join the mission You too! Amiya Inspiration […]

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Over 50 Women Say: You Are The Goddess!


We claim that Every Woman has unique natural female spiritual talents, the unveiling and realization of which do not only bring the feeling of happiness into her life but also peace, success, health and wisdom to people around her. The women who will awaken the genius, the quality of a Goddess, within themselves, will peacefully induce change in society in […]

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Love. Intimacy. Relationship

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Love unfolds in a relationship, souls meet and melt delightfully in each other when both lovers are self-sufficient, and enjoy the sense of completeness. Relationships are meant to let us know full ourselves, where both masculine and feminine principles come together, through our beloved. When we are self-sufficient, relationships turn into a true feast of love and abundance. There is […]

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Goddess in Visual Art. AMIYA ft. Sequoia Emmanuelle


I feel great joy being able to contribute, with my activities, to the revival of the feminine origin that is taking place all around the world. Across the whole planet Earth women are finally turning back to themselves with joy and curiosity, not fear or sense of insufficiency. They are willing again to remember and experience their unique powers of […]

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