Magical Experiential Live Show Tour THE GODDESS


Riga 05.03.16, Vilnius 09.03.16

For the first time in the Baltic’s – a fairy tale for every woman!

Do you know how to love yourself, your close ones, the human race, and the whole world? “The Goddess” is a touching story of a woman that has already entranced thousands. The project that has brought together the most famous women from around the world and Lithuania into a music video, is presenting a live music performance for the first time in Lithuania and Latvia. 

“The Goddess” is the most romantic music, dance, and visual arts show of the year!

Being a woman is a true art, and art begins with every woman. Woman is beauty, grace, love, tenderness, harmony, joy, passion. With this moto the international team of artists, Amiya Inspiration, is coming to Lithuania, with the aim to inspire women to unveil their talents.
Which one of us has not dreamed of her own fairy tale? Each of us can have it. It is the feminine fairy tale every one of us is waiting for that will unfold in “The Goddess” show as music, dance, and visual art come together on the stage.
The story of “The Goddess” is an art synthesis show based on a book by Amiya Andre Pabarciute, “The Genius of a Woman”, which has become a bestseller; it will only be shown in Lithuania once and continue around the world inspiring thousands of people in Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, the UK, Germany and elsewhere!
With the help of music, dance, and visual arts, the show will reveal an inspiring and authentic story of feminine transformation. “It is a woman’s birth from pain, dull daily routine, hopelessness, exhaustion, and limitations into a happy woman, a creator, a Goddess who has mastered the arts of eternal love, youth, and creating harmony,” the author of the piece, A. Pabarciute, says. She claims as no secret that this story is motivating, bringing a number of positive experiences, and calling to raise important philosophical questions. Famous artists from around the world will express all that on stage.
 Amiya sequoia fantasy
The true story of you
“The Goddess” is a story based on women’s real-life experiences, which has gained wide interest around the world and in Lithuania. Based on the story, successful personal development training course for women has been designed, where hundreds of women have already experienced their genius, and awakened new motivation to lead a different life – creating beauty, loving, and realizing themselves.
In California (the USA), 12 songs have been composed exclusively for the show together with one of the producers of the legendary band “Enigma”, Jens Gad. Unique and virtuoso voice of Amiya Andre Pabarciute, mystic gongs and percussion, emotion-enhancing aromatherapy, fantastic images, costumes, theatre direction, breath-taking virtuoso dance… The professional international team of artists created it all for You, dear women. This performance will become an unforgettable and exciting event of your lives. Do not miss the only chance to discover yourselves, to discover your own fairy tale!
THE GODDESS creators:
• AMIYA ANDRE PABARCIUTE (LT) – artist, singer, producer, book author, and founder of personal development training course “School of Sacred Feminine” (“Moters Magijos Mokykla”).
• JENS GAD (JAV) – producer, musician, with a 10-year working experience with the legendary band Enigma and famous US performers: X-Factor, Beyonce, Nikki Williams, Miley Cyrus, Andru Donalds, and others.
• EVALDAS ARLAUSKAS (LT) – visual arts creator.
• SEQUOIA EMMANUELLE & HER TEAM OF STYLISTS (USA) – visual arts creator from Los Angeles.
• MAHASATVAA MA ANANDA SARITA (UK) – poet, song lyrics author, spiritual teacher.
• ANHIDEMA Michael Vermey (ARM) – composer, pianist, music alchemist.
• ZANICCA YUAN (SG) – dancer, choreographer, Muse, poet.
• MICHAEL DEMSKI (CA) – dancer, actor, model, master of martial arts.
• YVES GOVAERTS (BE) – aroma therapist, global warming researcher.
• ALICIJA EILIAKAS (LT) – gongs, exotic instruments, percussion.
• JONAS LENGVINAS (LT) – drums, percussion.
• LAIMONAS JANČAS (LT) – guitar, bass.
• DARIUS MALINAUSKAS (LT) – lighting artist.


Tickets to the show “THE GODDESS” 05.03.16  in Riga, LV:

Tickets to the show “THE GODDESS” 09.03.16  in Vilnius, LT:


Do not miss the only chance to see live show THE GODDESS!

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