Amiya – the Muse, the Musician, the Teacher, the Goddess

The Muse

Let us introduce you the founder, the leader, the muse of Amiya Inspiration project – Andre Amiya Pabarciute. Together with the team of dedicated professionals: producers, designers, organizers, programmers, and communication specialists, she creates the visionary and music for the project and leads its main mission “The Goddess”. World changing mission: through music & live shows, visual arts, seminars, books, social actions to reveal the genius in every woman in the world and awaken their highest potential. Lately in US she produced together with Jens Gad (group “Enigma”) her new album “The Goddess” and created soul uplifting music-dance-senses show “The Goddess” . More info about this special project:

The Musician

AMIYA (Andre Pabarčiūtė), vocalist, composer, pianist & music producer – is well known in Lithuanian and European cultural circles as a creator and performer of jazz, electronic, experimental, meditation, academic & ethno music. Also she creates original music specially for women audience.
Therefore AMIYA composes and performs for contemporary dance, visual and theater projects. She co-creates with directors, dancers, fashion designers and photographers a lot.
For 20 years she have been involved in the art and music world. She have been studying music since she was 5 years old. For the last 15 years her career in that sphere has been fast growing. Amiya creates international art projects with notable jazz, classical and modern art performers and creators.
Amiya Andre is recognized as one of the best free improvisational jazz singers in the world by the e-magazine (2010). She is the recipient of awards from various international contests and nominated for the “LT Tapatybes” award in Lithuania. (2005) This award is presented by President to artists and musicians who excel in actively promoting Lithuania internationally through their creative work. Her free jazz album “VARPAI” was rated 5/5 stars in “Varpai is a fresh, spontaneous sonic delight. An enjoyable listening experience.” – John Vincent Barron,, February 2011.
Amiya recordings resound throughout Europe, the US, Australia and Russia.
“Amiya’s vocal abilities are just… beyond everything huma4-11146329_355662127972616_3641313243015635641_nn, I’ve experienced so far. She has a range if that she goes from up there to down there. And with almost no start she can pull off from like very sensitive textures, whispering, whispering textures to really powerful tribal chanting. And I don’t know where she pulls those… Where she pulls all that power from. Because it really sounds very very authentic. And I worked a lot with tribal vocals, chants from far away tribes in Taiwan, and all kinds of parts of the planet with the group “Enigma” back then. And it really just sounds so authentic like if it would be like documentary channel recording from that area, from far away areas. And I really enjoyed producing this project with her. She is just really singing from the depth of her heart…” says Jens Gad, former “Enigma” producer, co-producer of first Amiya Inspiration album “The Goddess”.

Through all her creative work, concerts and performances, she transmit positive emotions, deep philosophy, inspiring experiences, the beauty of feminine energy, the motivation to be, to live, to create a harmonious, beautiful life to the audience. She imbues her music with the entire feminine world, aesthetics, tenderness and love.

The Author

AMIYA is the author of best-seller book “Moters Magijos Mokykla” (“The Genius of a Woman”, English version release in 2016). Amiya shares her personal and other women experiences how to know and reveal your feminine nature, advantages and talents given to you. The book is created for women of all ages and nationalities, in which each will find the practical and easily accessible advises how to develop intuition, self-confidence, to create loving, harmonious relations with other people and reveal erotic art in your intimate life. The book, written as a textbook, is not only for women but for men also. It helps to know and understand your woman, her nature, her desires, and to find effective solutions, creating a happy life together.

“The world is in great need of feminine energy and wisdom. It is an essential addition, a counterbalance to current values if we wish to live on an alive and harmonious planet Earth. Unveiling feminine nature and female creation in all spheres of life are highly needed and important. My dear ones, let us not stay asleep, let us awaken the goddess within us, gifted with wonderful powers manifesting through love and creation of life. Let us get to know ourselves, unleash our endless energy within us, let us follow our intuition every day. Thus, we will help not only ourselves but also the surrounding environment.” – Amiya says in her book “The Genius of a Woman” (“Moters Magijos Mokykla”, LT)

Compliments for the book:5dcc9267c2f9726

Yes, the book is indeed worth a bestseller!!! I have never before could find so many answers in one place! I was most fascinated by the fact that women are treated as LOVE. We really have to spread the love and secure with it all around us This is the way to make the world brighter, full of tenderness and goodness“. I. M.
I read and I thank the author for such precise references, clarity, depth how disclose women’s talents, given to us, women, by nature, just every page is like a treasure With every page I read, my eyes and mind open, the thoughts become clear. Who am I? What relationships I would like to have with my beloved and all my relatives important people in my life!!! The heart fills with more and more goodness, openness and beauty, this book can not run out of hand, it is and will remain as a signpost on the way to all my desires and intentions… I will read it more than once, until I finally unconsciously absorb all practices, magic and femininity secrets“. D.D.

The Teacher
Despite her young age Amiya already for 14 years is constantly evolving her personal and professional growth. She learned from transformational spiritual European Tradition and authentic Kashmir Tantra, DAO masters. All the skills and experience which she teaches at workshops, seminars, school, she successfully has applied in her professional, personal and spiritual lives.
For the last 9 years Amiya have been leading classes and workshops in the development of Emotional Intelligence, personal growth, opening up feminine potential, meditation for women, and in addition, providing personal consultations.
In 2006 she established the “School of Sacred Femininity” (“Moters Magijos Mokykla”) in Vilnius, Lithuania. It is a unique school for woman personal growth that liberates and helps to know their feminine nature, reveals the special feminine talents and power.  It’s not only a long-term training for women, but also special, amazing training program for men. Hundreds men & women are successfully pursuing classes and developing their potential. They find themselves, their femininity, their talents, and their beauty. They become creative, they learn how to forge harmonious relationships, how to lead healthy and happy lives.
The Goddess

 “One’s spiritual development is whole and encompasses all spheres of existence; one’s body is his/her holy place, personality and soul. The entire human and spiritual potential unfolds in harmony with the world and one’s self. You have everything that you need within yourself  – nothing there needs to be cast out, nothing added. You are created to be happy and to grow in all spheres. Everything that is given to you – your mind, body and soul –  are devoted to the attainment of a happy and harmonious life, of an all-encompassing creativity and love. Only when this is achieved, will your professional life, relationships, free time and your inner life  give you a feeling unspeakable joy and happiness.

In this epoch of human evolution, women play a special role. All women, by their nature, have a deep knowledge of the harmony of the spirit, soul, mind and body; of ecological and harmonious interactions with nature, humanity and the world. When women realize these talents and unfold them in their daily lives, they accelerate the evolution of mankind to a healthy, happy and spiritual existence, where people live in balance with themselves and the world..” – says Amiya.

“What kind of a feeling envelops you when all your life’s wishes have come true? An unimaginable one! An immense joy and an overflowing of energy was born within me, joy and energy that I wanted to share with other people! Self-sufficiency, freedom, gratitude for all that surrounds me appeared. It is as if I was born anew! I want to share this new life, this unending, inspiring holiday with others!” – invites you Amiya to join the feeling of happiness!

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