Over 50 Women Say: You Are The Goddess!

We claim that Every Woman has unique natural female spiritual talents, the unveiling and realization of which do not only bring the feeling of happiness into her life but also peace, success, health and wisdom to people around her. The women who will awaken the genius, the quality of a Goddess, within themselves, will peacefully induce change in society in the light and promising, more harmonious and wiser direction.

Over 50 women have starred in this video – sisters, mothers, daughters, careerists, housewives, beloveds, businesswomen, musses, teachers, actors and many more… These women have overcome their fears, variety of life challenges, and have turned toward faith in themselves as a woman saying: Every Woman is the Goddess. I am the Goddess. You are the Goddess!

This song will be performed live in magical experiential live show “The Goddess”. Amiya Inspiration international team of talented musicians, artists, dancers, aromatherapists, custom designers is creating miraculous multi-dimensional live performance tour in Europe in 2016!

Watch our video „The Goddess“ and spread the message to all women you cherish!


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