Join World Changing Mission “The Goddess”

Mission “The Goddess” is dedicated to you as a woman, or to you as a man, who believes that the world is in need of more harmony, beauty and light, which would be home to you and your family and children! It is everybody’s active participation that changes the world: yours, mine, ours. Join the mission You too!

Amiya Inspiration team is creating experiential epic live show tour “The Goddess” in 7 European cities! It is a firework of unique knowledge, inspiration, and positive energy, where every woman will hear her soul’s vocation, experience the therapeutic inspirational effect of music and her own authentic story of revelation, she will receive a personal message and a huge inspiration about herself.

The story of awakening a Woman – Goddess will be told in the form of magical sounds of music, exotic instruments, archaic virtuoso voice, lights, therapeutic visual art, sensuous dance, aromatherapy, and poetry. It is a multidimensional experiential journey together with gifted artists, creators who create exclusively positive art that serves the awakening of human potential rather than consumeristic or destructive trends.

Our mission, our vision of the world is also Your future. Lets exchange with each other influential gifts, beautiful intentions, inspirations and real actions!

Support mission “Goddess” and inspire many women in the world! THANK YOU!!!!


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