Love. Intimacy. Relationship

Love unfolds in a relationship, souls meet and melt delightfully in each other when both lovers are self-sufficient, and enjoy the sense of completeness. Relationships are meant to let us know full ourselves, where both masculine and feminine principles come together, through our beloved. When we are self-sufficient, relationships turn into a true feast of love and abundance. There is a wonderful way of sexual union, which liberates an enormously high potential for the couple’s revelation. It is tantric sex. This version of intimate life is the most ecstatic and the most sacral of all known.

The tantric intimate life does not only provide joy, wonderful sensations and fantastic pleasures but it also helps enhance the bond of love within the couple. It is not only sex but also love, meditation and development. A couple who practices such intimate life finds it easy to be together for a long time without growing bored, to remain passionate and attractive to each other. Such intimate contact allows to experience exceptional physical, emotional and spiritual satisfaction. In such a relationship, the lovers experience each other’s multidimensionality and both inner and outer beauty, they grow together. This sexual bond can indeed be called an intimate life since so much is happening in it! It is also pure closeness, ever new discoveries, strong feelings, complete sexual and emotional self-expression.

This kind of intimate life is provided with separate time, particular space, and care. The lovers can spend hours of meaningful and delightful time together, touching each other, dancing, looking each other in the eyes, speaking tender words to each other, enjoying passion and peace. Such an intimate life becomes a special and sacred oasis to the lovers, where they unveil each other as well as themselves. – excerpt from Andre Amiya  Pabarciute book “The Genius of a Woman”.

Enjoy our beautiful song “Intimacy”, listen to the story of love, passion, devotion, and ecstasy. Share with your lover! Share it with your friend!

“You touch me
With eternal tenderness
I fall into the sky
I fall into the sky
I am swallowed by the moon
You touch me
With eternal tenderness
And in this moment
The whole world ceases to exist
It’s just you and me
In infinite intimacy…” – Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita

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