Goddess in Visual Art. AMIYA ft. Sequoia Emmanuelle

I feel great joy being able to contribute, with my activities, to the revival of the feminine origin that is taking place all around the world. Across the whole planet Earth women are finally turning back to themselves with joy and curiosity, not fear or sense of insufficiency. They are willing again to remember and experience their unique powers of femininity. They are again becoming strong in their vitality, love and intuitiveness. These women are not those who fight but those who create. Through their natural given gifts, they fill the world with harmony, wisdom, friendship, and heyday as a gift.

By remembering their natural talents, they bring the lost balance of yin and yang back to humanity. The revelation and active self-manifestation of women is of particular importance now. It brings a new period of bloom in the history of the development of humankind. An ever more beautiful, more peaceful, more universal, and more spiritual one. – excerpt from Andre Amiya Pabarciute book “The Genius of a Woman”.

The message that Amiya conveys through her music is sacred femininity, realization of feminine nature.

The Goddess lies in each of us and we can create harmony in the world!- she says.

Amiya sequoia fantasy

AMIYA Inspiration

It’s wonderful that there are many more artists in the world that contributes this message by adding their own energy, expressing their talents and attitude through their individual forms and unique channels. When two artists meet their power multiplies.

We are happy to introduce you SEQUOIA EMMANUELLE!

SEQUOIA EMMANUELLE is a visionary artist who creates fantasy worlds unto landscapes, complemented by beautiful adorned subjects. Her images are so striking, her talent so undeniable, that it‘s hard to imagine that her success was anything other than ordained. You would never know that behind the shiny veneer is a story of humble beginnings and fourteen years of tireless devotion to making her dreams a reality.

Sequoia is drawn to people who have stories to tell and have chosen a unique path, and those who walk to the beat of their own drum, just as she has. She encourages everyone to be herself and have fun with creating ways to express it. „I like to accentuate that in my photography and celebrate it“ – says the artist. Her work, as you will see, is full of archetypes and characters. Many themes reoccur in her work. These themes are of empowerment, beauty, love and self-expression.

Art, to me, has been one of the most important things in my life. It‘s been my religion. I live and brief for it every day. I have felt a strong desire every since I was a child to make a difference in this world. It has been my mission to the an inspiration with what I create. Art got me through a troubled childhood and carried me through the tough times. It gave me a way to express and see the world as I want to see it and express how I feel. It gave me hope and dream, and path to follow. – countinues she.

Los Angeles based artist Sequoia Emmanuelle has a unique voice as a photographer utilizing her many creative talents together- including fashion design, set design, painting, wardrobe styling, film and graphic design. Dripping with color and texture, Sequoia’s work captures the essence of her generation of artists and immortalizes the avant-garde worlds of fashion, music, art, film and theatre as seen through her eyes. A graduate of photography at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, her unique style has been inspired and shaped by the raw and vibrant underground art scenes of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Through her art, she creates magical wonderlands from which to transport and capture her subjects in their full archetypical glory.
Her striking photographs have appeared in numerous magazines and publications and her images are used on album art, editorial, look books, advertising campaigns, gallery shows, and music videos.

Publications- Italian Vogue, Zink Magazine, Vibe Magazine, Fault Magazine, Papercut Magazine, Kismet UK, Glassbook Magazine, Auxiliary Magazine, Sessions Magazine, Tinsel Tokyo magazine, Giuseppina Magazine, Empty Kingdom, Coilhouse Magazine, Dark Beauty magazine, The Catalyst Magazine, Stiletto Glam Magazine, Gothic Noir Magazine, Twisted Lamb, Haute Macabre, Lost at E Minor, Art Boom, Urban Ink, Ghubar (Paris), Imbibe magazine and more.

“Through my photography, set design, hair, makeup, and styling, I found that I could create the fantasy worlds of my dreams.” – Sequoia Emmanuelle says.

More about Sequoia Emmanuelle: http://sequoiaemmanuelle.com

Amiya and Sequoia Emmanuelle, THE DUO which can change the world of your perceptions, imaginations, and awareness.   Music and Visual Art merge into a single wave to blow all boundaries!



Sequoia Emmanuelle

Sequoia Emmanuelle

Sequoia Emmanuelle

Sequoia Emmanuelle



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