Making Love with the Universe

Evaldas Amiya Kerala geltonai kitaip

A woman’s body is an ever changing map of hundreds of thousands of pleasures. Her sexual potency is uncovered by opening up not only the sensitivity of her private parts but that of her entire body, of hundreds of pleasure spots, by developing and expanding the spectrum of sensations.

If all five channels of senses open up when making love, a woman’s sexual potency, passion and ecstatic abilities increase astonishingly. It looks like this: she is capable of experiencing the highest wavy pleasure and arousal simply by seeing her lover’s body, colours and shapes (sight). By smelling hundreds of scents of love, she can relax in a timeless ocean of satisfaction (smell). Her passion reaches thousands of peaks through touching in various ways (touching). She tastes the nectar of love, herself, the man, she indulges in indescribable tastes of her lover’s body (taste). Her hearing is filled not only by the exciting surrounding sounds but also that of silence, by the breath of ecstasy and the music of the coalescence of souls (hearing). The whole of these five senses lead the woman to a never-ending orgasmic euphoria unfolding ever more strongly. A woman’s body is the gate to ecstasy.

– excerpt from Andre Amiya Pabarciute book “The Genius of a Woman”.


Magic video „Making love with the Universe“ was filmed in wild beaches of Kerala (India), wonderful place for relaxation, making love & meditation. This video will be published very soon!




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