Tips for Your Blissful Holidays!

Could you imagine that euphoria, ecstasy, pleasures and energy dwell not in the outer world but within you, your body and consciousness? You are a living and walking oasis of delight. The entire palette of joy, emotional, bodily and spiritual satisfaction is inherently given to you. The Paradise of enjoyment is encrypted in your body. You are meant to experience all possible pleasures, and enjoy them regardless of the circumstances, objects or people. You can experience intoxicating feelings and sensations due to one basic fact: you are and have a physical body. This is how magical your nature is. – excerpt from Andre Amiya Pabarciute book “The Genius of a Woman”.

Being ecstatic, feeling pleasantly is very natural for the body. If the body is energetic, healthy, fresh, sexy, sensitive, it means its state is natural. The body’s nature has been affected if it has lost sensitivity, is ill, getting old, does not experience a variety of pleasures or relax in daily life. The quality of your experiences, inner feeling and pleasures is not determined by another person or circumstances but by our own relationship with our body, its physical, energetic and emotional state. If we stay on friendly terms with our body, and take proper care of it, it remains in its natural state. It is then capable of creating and experiencing great pleasures and positive emotions. If we abandon our body, fail to listen and hear it and provide it with what it needs, our body finds itself in an unnatural state with the waves of pleasure and energy declining significantly.

In order to be able to return the natural state to our beloved bodies, i. e. the state of health, pleasures, youth, vitality, and joy of life, we must take interest in them, observe them, look after them and love them. – excerpt from Andre Amiya Pabarciute book “The Genius of a Woman”.

How is this done in practice?

Listen to our inspiring however simple tips for blissful holidays and you will get some knowledge of that!

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