Music of Happiness

Amiya, Jens Gad (one of producers of legendary group Enigma), and Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita (author of lyrics, Tantra teacher) created 12 songs of happiness. Different aspects of happiness that each human being can experience in one’s life are expressed in the music: happiness in relationship, happiness in sexual life, happiness in work, in creativity, happiness to be a woman, to be a man, to live with family and much more! Amiya‘s music is vibrant, inspiring and positive!

The tantric lyrics, special meditation, feminine energy, and sacred sound techniques are integrated into the music. Those techniques make music magical, healing, and deeply relaxing. Each song is a story, an invitation, an inspiration to be happy, to connect to your soul, to find your passion, to reveal your potential, to be yourself, to love, forgive, celebrate your life.

The music videos are filmed in various countries from all over the world: India, Lithuania, Greece, Italy, USA, UK, France & other.

Watch our videos, travel with us and be inspired by the way we see People, Life, Nature, Culture, Art!

Many talented artists are invited to participate in this project and to share their passion, their ways to be happy! If you want to be infected by virus of HAPPINESS, if you want to deepen your state of happiness, watch our videos, listen to our music, stay in touch with us!

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