Jens Gad: “I want to announce the WORLD PREMIERE!”

3. J.Gad feat Amiya photo

Amiya Inspiration friend and one of  Enigma’s producer Jens Gad says:

I want to announce the WORLD PREMIERE of my most important project this year, AMIYA INSPIRATION.
We have written / recorded 12 beautiful songs in February on Catalina Island, California. Lyrics from enchanted Tantra teacher Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita and Amiya’s bestseller book „The genius of a woman“ about women empowerment. We will bring this on stage as a multi faceted multimedia show next year. Live shows will be combined with music production, visual art, workshops, social events, and more in Europe and US.

Ladies & Gentlemen – get ready for AMIYA INSPIRATION – TRACK NR.1 – BODY IS LIGHT!!!!!!!

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JENS GAD, Danish, residing on Catalina Island in California USA since 2008, is a songwriter / producer / multiinstrumentalist with about 27 million cd’s sold. He has coproduced / cowritten many Enigma Songs and is involved in numerous international projects with X-Factor, Beyonce, Nikki WIlliams, Miley Cirus, Andru Donalds and many more (see

The musicianship, experience, and versatility that Jens has make him an extremely strong writer/producer. Whether it is a ‘chill out’ Enigma style song, or an upbeat pop smash with a huge hook, Jens has quite the sonic tool box. Jens’ recent deals include song sales for sony music artist “the fool conspiracy”, japanese #1 artist MyName and writing with superstar Nikki Williams (Demi Lovato – Heartattack).

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